The Elemental Games

Elemental Games

You’ve seen the Olympics, you’ve cheered the Invictus Games, you’ve seen various snotty districts get destroyed in the Hunger Games (and rightfully so)… now get ready for… The Elemental Games!!!!!! (A competitive series of hardly physically challenging peculiar undertakings)   Featuring: Full Contact Grape Quest A Vat full of Sunshine Rhyme British Sir Reel Trouser Trap The Wet Tea Squirt Contest And […]

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The Inconvenient and Extraordinary Case of the Perforated Messenger

A casual gathering of assorted celebrated musicians, entertainers, inventors and other sundry participants is disrupted by the arrival of a courier bearing telegrams of an odious nature. The festivities halt as various recipients are presented with messages, all bearing the same malicious sentiments. As the last missive is presented, shots ring out and the messenger collapses to the floor in a grisly repose. It now […]

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Batfrog Habitat

batfrog crop

NEW! Frenchy and the Punk’s Batfrog Habitat! The Batfrog Habitat Art Installation is an immersive experience. It is both visual and sonic. The visitor enters a 6’5″x 6’5″ tent that has been completely transformed into a cave-like habitat. Inside, all the elements are handmade by the creators with fabric and paper mache. It is a serene and meditative environment. A […]

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Splendid Teapot Racing

Splendid Teapot Racing Canada logo

Splendid Teapot Racing has been growing by leaps and bounds in Canada! This fast-paced sport combines speed with skill and style, as drivers of remote-controlled teapots strive to complete an obstacle course, all the while attempting to wow the judges with their panache and style. Points are given for Approved Attire, Showmanship, Teapot Splendidness, Overall Vehicle Measurements, Bribes to Judges, […]

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Art Duel


Back in 2017 by popular demand! Witness the amazing feat of artists creating something from nothing as they duke it out over paint and canvas! Or if the muse is with you, show the competition what you’re made of, and join the fight. Artists will have 20 minutes to bring their canvases to life, whereupon the audience will decide their […]

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Majinx Mobile

Look out over the weekend for Majinx’s own Professor Wick & Beatrix Beckancall for appearances & photo ops with their unique time-travelling vehicle – The Majinx Mobile! Sat Sept 23 – 12noon & 5pm Sun Sept 24 –10.45am & 3.45pm The Majinx Mobile attraction is included in the Saturday and Sunday Day Passes and the Weekend Day Pass.

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Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity

smaller 10 x 8

Mental Floss Sideshow presents an anniversary edition of ‘Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity for the Incurably Curious!’ Marvel at our immersive collection of captivating curiosities from the 5 corners of the globe! This year’s exhibition will feature timeless tall tales & eccentric curiosities delivered in the tongue & cheek humour Floss & Tann are known for! Witness cautionary tales, mythic mysteries, natural […]

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