Wander into these museums of marvels and see sights to amaze and astound!

Mind Bender Alley

Majinx MindBender Alley

Step inside Professor Wick’s collection of optical illusions and photo-ops for all to enjoy throughout this prestigious event! Take a photo of yourself without a body or floating in thin air.  Have fun with the wondrous creations of Professor Wick & thanks to the magical minds of the marvellous Majinx!

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Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity


Mental Floss Sideshow presents ‘Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity for the Incurably Curious!’ Marvel at our immersive and interactive collection of captivating curiosities from the 5 corners of the globe! New exhibits yearly for your elucidation and education! Witness cautionary tales, mythic mysteries, natural wonders and more – all to be revealed upon the inside!

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