Wander into these museums of marvels and see sights to amaze and astound!

1st Lincoln Steampunk Artillery


Thrill to the sound and feel the earth shake beneath your feel as the the 1st Lincoln Steampunk Arillery takes the field! This is your chance to experience the only fully functioning black powder Steampunk cannon in the entire world (as far as we know, anyway), as you watch its expert crew go through their paces to produce flame, smoke, […]

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The Paper Airplane Range

Paper Airplanes

Try your skills and show us your best techniques on our Paper Airplane Range! We’ll supply the paper, you supply the folding and the throwing arm. Then mark the distance on your best throw, and see how the competition stacks up. The three airplanes that fly the farthest each day will meet in a fly-off under the Big Top! On […]

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The Canadian Raptor Conservancy


Experience the breathtaking majesty of the magnificent birds from The Canadian Raptor Conservancy! The Canadian Raptor Conservancy’s mission is to educate the public about Birds of Prey and their important role in our ecosystem. Thrill to their live, free-flying shows, then visit the birds and talk with their trainers — and don’t forget to get that all-important selfie! In addition […]

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The Trading Post

Trading Post

Here’s a wee adventure for you! The Trading Post is a place to exchange a little goodwill and positive karma with your fellow Steampunks. Pack along a special little trinket or two to trade for someone else’s special trinket or two, all with the help of The Trading Post. Look for it in the Merchants’ area! Participation in The Trading […]

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Batfrog Habitat

batfrog crop

NEW! Frenchy and the Punk’s Batfrog Habitat! The Batfrog Habitat Art Installation is an immersive experience. It is both visual and sonic. The visitor enters a 6’5″x 6’5″ tent that has been completely transformed into a cave-like habitat. Inside, all the elements are handmade by the creators with fabric and paper mache. It is a serene and meditative environment. A […]

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Majinx Mobile

Look out over the weekend for Majinx’s own Professor Wick & Beatrix Beckancall for appearances & photo ops with their unique time-travelling vehicle – The Majinx Mobile! Sat Sept 23 – 12noon & 5pm Sun Sept 24 –10.45am & 3.45pm The Majinx Mobile attraction is included in the Saturday and Sunday Day Passes and the Weekend Day Pass.

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Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity

smaller 10 x 8

Mental Floss Sideshow presents an anniversary edition of ‘Floss & Tann’s Cabinet of Curiosity for the Incurably Curious!’ Marvel at our immersive collection of captivating curiosities from the 5 corners of the globe! This year’s exhibition will feature timeless tall tales & eccentric curiosities delivered in the tongue & cheek humour Floss & Tann are known for! Witness cautionary tales, mythic mysteries, natural […]

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