Many of these exciting events are included your Day Pass or Weekend Day Pass. Others are included in our special Flying Ace Pass and Patron Pass, which you can purchase on our TICKET page. Some events are separately ticketed, so you can pick and choose a la carte! Our ticketed special events tend fill up rather quickly, so do plan to purchase ahead if you can!

The GCSE Gadgetry Contest

Gadgetry Contest 2017

Bring your best and most fabulous gadgets to display in our House of Whimsical Invention! Under the watchful eyes of some of our favourite Mad Scientists and Inventors, the attending public will have a chance to cast votes for their favourite gadgets. Votes will be tabulated at the end of each day and also for the entire weekend! Now’s your […]

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The Inconvenient and Extraordinary Case of the Perforated Messenger

The Perforated Messenger

Start your weekend off with a BANG! (Literally!) A casual gathering of assorted celebrated musicians, entertainers, inventors and other sundry participants is disrupted by the arrival of a courier bearing telegrams of an odious nature. The festivities halt as various recipients are presented with messages, all bearing the same malicious sentiments. As the last missive is presented, shots ring out and the messenger collapses to […]

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Art Duel


Back in 2017 by popular demand! Witness the amazing feat of artists creating something from nothing as they duke it out over paint and canvas! Or if the muse is with you, show the competition what you’re made of, and join the fight. Artists will have 20 minutes to bring their canvases to life, whereupon the audience will decide their […]

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The Noble Sport of Dirigible Racing!


Come try your hand at the Canadian Premiere of the sport of choice for Airship Pirates everywhere! Watch in awe as our beautifully detailed models whir along at top speeds — which one will cross the courtyard first? That, good madame or sir, is a matter that’s in your hands! Airships image by Boston Corbett.

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Western Tea Duelling With Madame Askew!

Madame Askew Tea Duelling

Whether you’ve tea duelled a thousand times before, or you’re asking yourself, “What on EARTH is tea duelling?” you’ll have a fabulous (and frankly, somewhat raucous in the most polite and dignified of ways) time trying your hand at Western Style Tea Duelling with the inimitable Madame Askew. She has flown in all the way from Arizona to give us […]

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The Canadian Raptor Conservancy


Experience the breathtaking majesty of the magnificent birds from The Canadian Raptor Conservancy! The Canadian Raptor Conservancy’s mission is to educate the public about Birds of Prey and their important role in our ecosystem. Thrill to their live, free-flying shows, then visit the birds and talk with their trainers — and don’t forget to get that all-important selfie! In addition […]

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The Grand Canadian Costuming Contest!

Steampunk Costuming

Sign up now to strut your stuff and show your style for an audience of appreciative Steampunks and our incredibly illustrious panel of judges!  There are prizes to be won and adulation to be had, not to mention general fabulousness to be shown off. Join our lovely Host, Priscilla (a.k.a. Pencils & Pincushions), and our just as lovely judges, Madame […]

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The Great War Flying Museum

Red Baron

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… No, wait, it IS a plane! A bunch of planes! And not just any planes — the full-size flying replica biplanes and triplanes from the Great War Flying Museum are coming to Fort George, where they’ll give us a wonderful aerial display of aeronautical skill and grace! This is your chance to […]

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The Hullaballoo – An Anomalous Revue: Take Two!

Logo Hullabaloo Revue 2

Back for its second year, intrepid duo Professor Archibald Floss & Dr. Charlotte Tann of Mental Floss Sideshow bring you a brand new cavalcade of carefully curated performances from festival favourites that will infect your funny bone & cause your eyes to pop!   Expect a unique & bewildering variety performance with acts not seen at any other time during the festival […]

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Splendid Teapot Racing

Splendid Teapot Racing Canada logo

Splendid Teapot Racing has been growing by leaps and bounds in Canada! This fast-paced sport combines speed with skill and style, as drivers of remote-controlled teapots strive to complete an obstacle course, all the while attempting to wow the judges with their panache and style. Points are given for Approved Attire, Showmanship, Teapot Splendidness, Overall Vehicle Measurements, Bribes to Judges, […]

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A Courtesy of Compliments: Compliment Duelling

Compliment Duelling

Whether it’s compliments at 50 paces, courtesies at dawn, or gallantry until first blush, Compliment Duelling has settled matters of honour, averted terrible strife and resulted in a few famous engagements. Join Madame Askew as she teaches the ancient, honourable art of compliment duelling and hosts a small Compliment Duelling tourney. Don’t miss this — it’s the Canadian Premiere! (Boxes […]

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The Elemental Games

Elemental Games

You’ve seen the Olympics, you’ve cheered the Invictus Games, you’ve seen various snotty districts get destroyed in the Hunger Games (and rightfully so)… now get ready for… The Elemental Games!!!!!! (A competitive series of hardly physically challenging peculiar undertakings)   Featuring: Put the Pipe on the Prof Fanfare a la mer (Musical March to the Sea) Trouser Trap The Wet Tea Squirt […]

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The Secret Cabaret

Secret Cabaret

You’ve heard of those wonderful happenstances when a world-renowned band pops up unexpectedly and plays a magnificent gig in a tiny club for a small audience in an intimate atmosphere. Haven’t you always wished that you could be there to drink in the fabulous experience and the amazing close-up performance? Now’s your chance. Held in a small secret venue and […]

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