We’re ever so delighted to introduce you to some very special people who will be joining us as very special guests! Be sure to check back often, as we’ll be adding some more amazing people to this inspiring list!

Paige Gardner


Paige Gardner is an award-winning costumer who regularly appears at science fiction and fantasy conventions in U.S. as a guest and presenter on costuming and costume photography. While Paige has created recognizable cosplay from the Sci-Fi universe, she is mostly recognized for her steampunk masks, gear and costumes that are constructed from found, salvaged or vintage items. As a costumer […]

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Madame Askew

Madame Askew 2

Tea Aficionado, Tiffin Mistress, and Adventuress Darling! I am ever ever so delighted you have found your way to my little tea parlor. If we have had the misfortune not to have been introduced, please do allow me to introduce myself and welcome you! If I have already had the very great fortune I’ve making your acquaintance, I am entirely […]

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