We’re feeling very fortunate — some of the most wonderful people we know have offered to share their knowledge and insights over the course of the weekend. Details and scheduling will be posted as they are confirmed.


All panels are included in the day passes and weekend pass. Our panel spaces will each hold 50 to 60 people maximum, so we’d suggest that you get there early if there’s a panel you particularly want to see, just to ensure that you have a seat. If there is a kit fee for a workshop, it is noted in that workshop’s write-up. Kit fees are to be remitted directly to the panelist when you arrive at the workshop.


This schedule is subject to change.

Creating A Steampunk/Cosplay Persona

Lord Katz Head Shot

The hows, whys, and wherefores of creating a persona for Steampunk and/or cosplay — from choosing costume pieces to building your persona’s history… and why all of that is important for making a believable character. Lord Katz is a well-known Steampunk producer and persona. As a Theatrical Actor, fiction writer, storyteller, and independent film maker for over 40 years off […]

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Day to Day Steampunk

Francois Bonneau

Steampunk isn’t all about a look or a style – it’s also a mindset, inspired by Victorian and Edwardian fashion, but also very different in terms of philosophy and values, due to numerous authors and thinkers that are promoting a full world of acceptance to many and all different kinds of people. Embracing Steampunk means that it can affect the […]

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History of Flight

Francois Bonneau

Join us for a review with pictures and props of the history of flight and aviation, from Icarius to Lindberg, especially the crazy machines that were pure fail but fun to see…! Francois Bonneau has been a Steampunk enthusiast for about 10 years, and is well known for his crazy gadgets and mods. He’s been a prolific prop maker (especially […]

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The Great Electric Medicine Show


Prof. Verdigris Wetware and the esteemed Doc Morgan present a collection of lovingly preserved and functionally restored 19th-century electromedical devices for your edification and experience. While the Master Violet Ray Device, Electreat Mechanical Heart, Davis & Kidder Patent Magneto-Electric Machine, Auto-Kure Medical Battery, Sheldon Vibrator, Electropoise Oxygen Remedy, Radium Waters, and Bunnel Faradic equipment are pretty well guaranteed not to […]

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Planning Local Steampunk Activities — Bull Session

Victor Wong

Have you ever planned a Steampunk activity (dart gun dueling, teapot racing, movie nights, maker salons)? Have you thought about doing it, but haven’t got round to it? Join in for a moderated “bull session” and ideas exchange on how to get more people in your local Steampunk group to plan, organize, manage and have fun at various types of […]

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Sneak Preview Reading With Author Rebecca Diem

Author Rebecca Diem

Join author Rebecca Diem for an exclusive sneak preview from Of Tempests and Teacups, the series finale of her popular Steampunk adventure series Tales of the Captain Duke — be the first to hear from the fourth book! Rebecca Diem is a writer, music lover and nerd. She is the author of the indie steampunk series Tales of the Captain Duke, […]

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Steambrick Or Brickpunk? Making Steampunk With LEGO

Baron CvF

Learn from a lifetime hobbyist! Find out all about the tricks for building steampunk creations out of LEGO bricks. Explore where to find inspirations, as well as the appropriate bricks and mini-figures. A collection of steampunk creations will be exhibited. Baron Celsius von Fahrenheit a prominent member of Steampunk Montréal. He’s been busy doing various panels on Steampunk at a […]

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What The (BEEP) is Steampunk?

A general panel discussion with Q&A that encourages considerable audience participation. This is a question that has been asked many times, and the answer for which has proved difficult to nail down. Perhaps this panel and this audience will be the ones to do it! Sir Thomas Nigel Tinkerton has been a Steampunk enthusiast for a few years now, and […]

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10 Things That Might Save You In The Trenches of WWI

Scott photo 1

A presentation of coping with horrors of trench warfare that includes deadly gases, gas masks, femur breaks, tetanus, trench foot and other horrible trench experiences. Warning: Details may be graphic. Those easily upset by blood, bile, phlegm, bone, sinew, a variety of internal organs or other anatomical portions should take any proper measures before attending. Ripping Good Fun for the […]

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Common Steampunk Sewing Mistakes

Amanda and Priscilla

Sewing in Steampunk style can be really intimidating. When you start looking at historical influences like corsets, hoop skirts, or even welt pockets there are a ton of techniques your average hobbyist would never come across. Most historical patterns, and many online guides, assume someone tackling these kinds of projects is experienced, so their descriptions of materials to use or […]

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Mummification 101


Dr. Eugenia Mooney is a leading writer, translator, and lecturer in the field of archaeology. The only woman to have written extensively on Egyptian art, mummies and hieroglyphs at the British Museum during her tenure. She is responsible for translating some of the most difficult passages in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. With a reputation for being something of […]

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Fat and Fabulous!

Julie Rockhold

Come join Julie Rockhold in learning how to Rock the Fluff and be “fat and Fabulous” in any time period! Discuss and learn what can be done for us luxurious sized individuals when putting together our steamy side. Sources and ideas will be discussed, as well as how we can add more awesomeness to our image! Julie Rockhold has been […]

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Steampunk Art with Galiah Gears and Copper Dragon

Galiah and Copper

A demonstration & hands on workshop for creating steampunk art/illustration with archival pen & ink & other materials including, materials for some creative ‘stamp art’.  Demonstration includes different drawing & illustration techniques, using iconographic & more creative steampunk symbols & imagery. Then guided hands on practice, & a chance to create a small frame-able piece of art on parchment to […]

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