We’re feeling very fortunate — some of the most wonderful people we know have offered to share their knowledge and insights over the course of the weekend. Details and scheduling will be posted as they are confirmed.


Do you have a burning desire to share your knowledge on a particular subject? We’d love to hear your ideas! Hop on over to the “Contact” tab and click “Get Involved” to find our Presenters’ Application.


All panels are included in the day passes and weekend pass. Our panel spaces will each hold 50 to 60 people maximum, so we’d suggest that you get there early if there’s a panel you particularly want to see, just to ensure that you have a seat. If there is a kit fee for a workshop, it is noted in that workshop’s write-up. Kit fees are to be remitted directly to the panelist when you arrive at the workshop.


This schedule is subject to change.

House of Shimmy

House of Shimmy crop

Toronto-based House of Shimmy is a theatrical dance duo with a flare for turning heads & animating spaces with their ‘bound by no genre’ acts! With roots in bellydance & a love of all things vintage, these glamourous gals serve up their very own flavour of fusion & other-wordly entertainment. As part of The Hullabaloo – you’ll meet conjoined twins […]

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