Frenchy and the Punk


We are tickled to once again welcome the rollicking flapper-folk-punk Steampunk Cabaret of Frenchy and the Punk! By way of Paris & New York, this indie-cabaret duo have performed at nearly every major steampunk event in the US & have been touring the US and Europe since 2005.

How to describe their sound? Imagine Siouxsie Sioux & Dee Dee Ramone formed a duo inspired by Django Reinhardt, Edith Piaf, Toulouse Lautrec & Deepak Chopra: part Dresden Dolls, part Sonny & Cher, part White Stripes!

French and the Punk are a pixie spirited, gothic, folky band of tree hugging Steam Punks doused in red wine, fed on kale & granola & raised on punk rock & ballet. Their performances fulfill their promise to be eclectic & uplifting…fun with a capital F!

Sat Sept 23 – Big Top from 7.30pm as part of the Flight of Fantasy concert.

Tickets will be available shortly!