Majinx tank studio shot by nik Schnell (16)

Professor Wick and his lovely assistant Lady Beckoncall return to the GCSE with several thrilling new presentations.  A tribute to the Late Great Harry Houdini featuring their own version of The Under Water Torture Cell and Metamorphosis.  The Professor will also be demonstrating his latest miracles of “mechanology,” including his Mind Reading Machine and The Spirit Catcher.  Improbable, unlikely but never impossible!

Nothing is impossible for this remarkable team who have performed for such distinguished celebrities as Donald Sutherland, Celine Dion and even the Governor General of Canada.  Come see for yourself, the wonders that have earned them the title of Canadian Champions Of Magic.

Friday… Main Stage as part of The Wild Rumpus!

Saturday… Main Stage as part of The Hullaballoo: An Anomalous Revue at 2pm.

Sunday… Main Stage 1.45pm