Professor Gustave Erroneous Morbeus

Professor Gustave Erroneous Morbeus 1 crop (1)

We are delighted to welcome the illustrious Patametaphysicist, & Inventor Extraordinaire, Professor Gustave Erroneous Morbeus, to the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exhibition with his Doom&Gloom Vacuum and other Ambiguous Apparatuses.

This Esteemed Professor, who received the coveted ‘Know Bells’ and ‘Whistles’ Prizes for the discovery of the elementis AbsurdAbstractium, now refines this abundant energy source to power his inventions, also creating as a secondary by-product the Anti-Skeptic Solution, which provides the user with an unshakeable belief in oneself (for up to 24 hours).

Saturday… Roaming performance 11.30-1pm.