Serpentina North Ensemble

The Serpentina North Ensemble

The Serpentina North Ensemble is a music and dance troupe that serves up tribal bellydance in a group improv format.

Based in Toronto, they have a foundation in Fat Chance style ATS, but also incorporate ITS from Gypsy Caravan, kathak stylings, classical Persian, cabaret, and other dance forms that inspire them.

They have been a part of TedX at YorkU, the International Stage at the CNE, Funkasia at Pride, The Serpents’s Muse at Cues & Tattoos, and several editions of Mirage and Inversion. The current members of the Serpentina North Ensemble are dancers Elana, Sandy, Kelly and Wilma; they are accompanied by electro-fusion musician, Jim Boz (JMBZ).