The Great War Flying Museum

Red Baron

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… No, wait, it IS a plane! A bunch of planes!

And not just any planes — the full-size flying replica biplanes and triplanes from the Great War Flying Museum are coming to Fort George, where they’ll give us a wonderful aerial display of aeronautical skill and grace! This is your chance to see them fly by at close range as they circle the Fort and climb and dive above your head.

The Great War Flying Museum, operated by the Ontario Aviation Historical Society, is a not-for-profit volunteer member organization, founded in 1970 by a group of Brampton Flying Club members. All of the founders were pilots – mostly private pilots, plus several airline pilots. We don’t know exactly why these gentlemen dedicated themselves to such a large and serious task except to say that they all absolutely loved aeroplanes. And we’ve got to say that we absolutely love the results of their passion!

The planes will arrive over the Fort Saturday at 1:30pm.

The Great War Flying Museum’s flying display is included in the Saturday Day Pass, the Weekend Day Pass, the Flying Ace Pass, and the Patron’s Pass.

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